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Dear Friends,

With much joy (and a little trepidation) we publish the first issue of our Parish Newsletter.

For some time now, we have been thinking of issuing such a bulletin but did not have either the time or the resolve to do it. We have now launched it and, if God blesses, will try to continue publishing it regularly.

In the Newsletter you will find Parish news as well as articles on the Orthodox Faith and Life written by the Clergy and members of the Parish as well as contributors from outside our Community.

Our hope and prayer is that the Newsletter will help readers appreciate more the Treasure of our Orthodox Faith and encourage members of our Community to become more involved in its life.

If, through this small endeavour, anyone is inspired to love Christ and His Church more, the editors and contributors of the Newsletter will be very glad and should give thanks to the Triune God, to Whom Only is due Glory, Honour and Worship.

With best wishes for Easter,

Fr Raphael and the editorial team

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Posted 2018-04-01

Funeral of Yiannis Hadjipieris

The funeral of Yiannis Hadjipieris (age 6) will take place on Tuesday the 23rd of January in our Church at 33 Chapel Street, EH8 9AY, at 10 am.

Posted 2018-01-11

Funeral of Kyria Themis

Kyria Themis, the mother of our priest father Raphael passed away peacefully this Wednesday evening, during the vespers of our patron saint, the holy apostle Andrew.

The funeral of Kyria Themis will be at 11am on the Friday 8th of December at 2 Meadow Lane. The burial will follow at the Dean Cemetery at 1pm.

We will all remember her with love. May God grant rest to her soul.

Posted 2017-12-05

Two talks by Sr Magdalene

Sister Magdalene of the monastery of St John the Baptist in Essex will be visiting our parish this weekend. She will give the following two talks in our community:

Dogma and Everyday Life

Friday 19th of May at 19:30 in the church at 2 Meadow Lane. The talk is aimed mainly at young adults, but all are welcome.

Prayer at Home

Sunday 21st of May at 13:30 (after the liturgy) also in the church at 2 Meadow Lane (note that the liturgy will be held at 56 Chapel street). This is for everyone but especially parents. Any contributions of food and snacks will be welcome.

Sister requests that we keep the children in the hall if possible.

Posted 2017-05-16

Christ is Risen!

Posted 2017-04-16

Easter services in new church

The following services will be held in our new church. This will provide some much needed space for everyone to fit in.

All of the services this Friday and Saturday will be held there:

The new church is in short walking distance from the current church. The address is 56 Chapel Street, Edinburgh.

Posted 2017-04-12

Galapagos revisited; ape-men and the fathers

We’re organising a lecture and discussion that will take place this Sunday April 2nd, in the church hall at 13:15 after the Liturgy.

The lecture will be given by Rod Angus, who is an ornithologist and founder of the much-loved Scottish Owl Centre.

His title will be: “Galapagos revisited; ape-men and the fathers”.

The lecture will discuss the theory of evolution and its compatibility with Orthodox Christianity.

With God’s help, this will be the first of a series of lectures that will take place at our parish on Sunday afternoons. This time was chosen so that more of us will be able to attend.

Families with children are welcome. Please come if you are able, to hear what will certainly be an interesting talk, and join in the discussion.

Posted 2017-03-28


Every year around this period - according to the constitution - the parish holds its annual general meeting (AGM), in which the church committee and groups within/connected to the community report back to the community on how the last year has gone, discuss matters of interest and importance, answer questions, and - importantly - listen to the opinions of the gathered body of the community and receive feedback and advice from them. This as foreseen by the constitution, according to the guidelines of the Archdiocese and the spirit of Orthodoxy, happens because no one is right in himself but “when two or three are gathered together” in our Lord’s name, He is present there in the midst of them for guidance, support and unity (see Matthew 18:20).

The date of this year’s AGM has been set for 30 April (2017). The meeting will be held in the church hall at 2 Meadow Lane at around 1:30 pm. The agenda and further information will be circulated beforehand.

At this year’s AGM the term of office for the current committee members ends. According to the constitution, a new committee is elected by community members present at the AGM.

The following extract from the constitution document explains the conditions of membership to the community:


  1. The members of the Orthodox Church in Scotland are all those of whatever age, sex or nationality, who have been duly accepted into Communion with the Holy Orthodox Patriarchs and are resident in Scotland.

  2. The members of the Edinburgh Orthodox Community of St Andrew are those of the above as defined at III (i), who worship in the Edinburgh church, who accept the spiritual jurisdiction and authority of the Clergy of the Community, the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain, and the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and who abide by this Constitution. Members entitled to vote at meetings of the Community shall be those who have reached their eighteenth birthday and who, for at least the six months previous to their exercising such a vote, have attended services of the Community in Edinburgh or elsewhere, and who have paid an annual subscription of an amount to be determined from time to time by a General Meeting.

Likewise, the relevant extract (paragraph 1) from Article VII of the constitution provides the guidelines for the nomination of committee members.

ARTICLE VII – Election of Lay Committee Members

  1. When notice is given of the Annual General Meeting, members of the Community entitled to vote shall be requested to send to the Secretary, in writing, at least ten days before the date of the meeting, nominations for Chairman and for not more than six candidates, having first ascertained the willingness of each to serve. The Secretary shall send to each candidate a copy of Article VI of the Constitution with a tear-off reply slip to be returned signed in confirmation of willingness to serve on the Committee and attend its meetings in Edinburgh. The Secretary shall then prepare a list of qualified nominees for submission to the Electoral Meeting, and this shall serve as a voting paper.

The secretary is Antigoni Mitsioni, to whom you can send nominations to at

Membership fee

The current membership fee, set at £20 for employed people and at £10 for students and the unemployed by previous AGMs, is to be paid to the treasurer in order for parishioners to obtain membership status according to the law governing charities in this country (our parish is a registered charity with Scottish Charity Number: 040613).

For those regular members of the parish who, for financial reasons, find it difficult to pay their subscription in order to register and be legally recognised as members of the Community, previous AGMs - referred to above - that set the above fees have also foreseen that the Community would partly or fully cover their subscriptions by means of a donation. Thus finance would not be an obstacle to parishioners who would wish to register, vote or be voted for (as a committee member), or vote on a decision to be taken at the AGM.

Important Agenda Item: Constitutional Amendment

As requested by our Archbishop, our constitution should be amended as regards the election of the chair of the committee. At present, the chair is elected directly by the AGM, separately from the other committee members. Archbishop Gregorios has requested that we amend our constitution so that the chair of the committee is elected by the members of the new committee from among their number. This amendment will be on the agenda of the upcoming AGM.

Posted 2017-03-11

A few belated updates

I haven’t had time to pay much attention to the website, so here are a few items that have happened in the past few months:

Fr Luke

As you will have heard, the Archbishop came and made Fr Luke Jeffrey into a priest. I hope to post some pictures from the service soon. Needless to say, this is a very important moment for our parish.

Daily Liturgy

With our new priest, we are now having the Divine Liturgy every day. It follows daily Matins, on Saturdays Matins start at 9:00, on workdays at 7:30.

Updated schedule of services

I have added these changes to the calendar section. I have also updated all the feasts for this year.

Posted 2015-09-12

Services in the New Church

We will hold several services in our new church building at 33 Chapel Street:

Vespers at 6:30 pm on:

  • Tuesday 26 May
  • Wednesday 27 May
  • Friday 29 May
  • Monday 01 June

Matins at 7:30 am on:

  • Wednesday 27 May
  • Thursday 28 May
  • Friday 29 May
  • Tuesday 02 June

Please join us there!

Posted 2015-05-26

Very Revd Protopresbyter Columba Flegg
Memory Eternal

Posted 2015-03-22

2015 AGM Coming up

We warmly invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting on Sunday the 10th of May. The AGM will take place just after Liturgy, around 1pm.

The main points of this year’s AGM are to update the community on the status of our parish and projects we have been undertaking, in particular the progress of our new building. Minutes from the last meeting are available on request.

To attend the AGM you must be a formal voting member of our parish (see our constitution), to do this you must have reached your eighteenth birthday and you must have attended our services since Christmas 2014. Finally you must pay a £20 registration fee (£10 for students) before the AGM. You can do this in several ways:

  • Online: Use the reference MEMBERSHIP 2015 and send the money to: The Orthodox Community of St Andrew
    Sort Code: 80-02-34
    Account number: 00706868

  • In person: Give the money/cheque to Daniel (our treasurer).

  • Candle box: Put the money/cheque into an envelope and leave it in the candle box in church. Write down your name, the amount and membership 2015.

Regular donors do not need to pay membership.

Posted 2015-03-20

The Community of the Holy Mother of God and St. Oswald

In 597 Columba brought the tradition of Eastern Christianity to Scotland from Ireland. From Iona St. Aidan in turn brought that same Christianity to Lindisfarne in the kingdom of Northumbria 635. Often called Celtic Christianity it actually embodied the tradition of the Egyptian Desert. St Aidan preached the Gospel widely in Northumbria, and his disciples in turn throughout England. Bede records many of his miracles.

Now once again Eastern Christianity reaches England’s most northerly land from Scotland, as a Community under the care of St. Andrew’s Community, Edinburgh.

(Dedication ikon of the Community of the Holy Mother of God and St. Oswald, which miraculously appeared in July 2013 at the Community’s inception.)

The community offers occasional service in the Church of St Aidan in Bamburgh and monthly Typika in Chatton. For more information contact Reader John-Michael at 01668-215 397.

Posted 2015-02-07

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